Stuff published elsewhere

From time to time some poor editor somewhere makes a regrettable decision to publish some screed I’ve churned out. You can find many of them below but not the even shittier ones which I’m keeping from you. There’s other stuff that has since disappeared from defunct websites, stuff not published on-line and stuff that I’ve forgotten about entirely. I’ve briefly annotated some of them.



Amreeka dir. Cherien Dabis (Electronic Intifada, 15 June 2010) 

Budrus dir. Julia Bacha (Electronic Intifada, 20 July 2010) 

Checkpoint Rock dir. Fermin Muguruza & Javier Corcuera (Electronic Intifada, 15 April 2010) 

Death to the Arabs dir. Benjamin Doherty (Electronic Intifada, 13 July 2014) 

False Prophets of Peace: Liberal Zionism and the Struggle for Palestine by Tikva Honig-Parnass (Electronic Intifada, 2 March 2012)

Farming Without Water: Palestinian Agriculture in the Jordan Valley produced by EWASH (Electronic Intifada, 14 December 2014) 

The Girl Who Stole My Holocaust by Noam Chayut (Mondoweiss, 25 June 2013) 

Impunity dir. Edward Salem (Electronic Intifada, 13 April 2010) 

Inch’allah dir. Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette (Electronic Intifada, 23 September 2013) 

The Interview dir. Evan Goldberg & Seth Rogen (Truthout, 29 December 2014) 

Jerusalem: Chronicles from the Holy City by Guy Delisle (Truthout, 8 September 2012) 

Jewish Identity & Palestinian Rights: Diaspora Jewish Opposition to Israel by David Landy (Electronic Intifada, 9 January 2012) 

Pomegranates and Myrrh dir. Najwa Najjar (Electronic Intifada, 17 March 2010) 

Rachel dir. Simone Bitton (Electronic Intifada, 16 April 2010) 

Border Walls: Security and the War on Terror in the United States, India and Israel by Reece Jones (Against the Current, May/June 2013) 

The Time That Remains dir. Elia Suleiman (Electronic Intifada, 9 May 2011) 

Violence Nonviolence and the Palestinian National Movement by Wendy Pearlman (Electronic Intifada, 23 April 2012) 

Popular Culture

“Robin Thicke’s Blurred Vision: A Critique of a Rape Anthem in Two Parts” (Truthout, 4 August 2013) 


“Trayvon Martin, a Man of His Time or, Explaining the Murders of Young People of Color to White People” (Truthout, 15 May 2012) The editors changed the title which kind of changes the meaning if it’s not specifically directed at white people.

“Justice for Salim Najjar!” (Mondoweiss, 29 August 2012) 

Israel’s anti-Palestinian Arms Industry

A majority of the articles I’ve written for Electronic Intifada are on this topic 

“The Occupation and Fortress Europe” (JNews, 3 May 2011) 

“A Palestine-Mexico Border” (NACLA, 29 June 2012) 

“The World Cup, the Olympics & the Occupation” (Alternative Information Center, 22 January 2010) [original now dead link, currently working link

“The Pacification Industry” (CounterPunch, 7 June 2011) 

“Israeli Arms Sales to Rwandan Genocidaires Should Not Be Surprising” (Jadaliyya, 28 June 2015) 

Settler Colonialism

“The Demographic Threat” (JNews, 17 December 2011) 

“The Erased Women of the Wall: Settler Feminism and the Moroccan Quarter” (The Feminist Wire, 25 March 2013) 

Review: Studies in Settler Colonialism: Politics, Identity and Culture edited by Fiona Bateman and Lionel Pilkington (Electronic Intifada, 15 December 2011) 

“Israel’s Deadly Drones Have Origins in Sinai Occupation” (Electronic Intifada, 15 August 2013) 

Review: Global Palestine by John Collins (Electronic Intifada, 2 May 2012) 

“Five Dunams Confiscated in al-Khader: A Primer on Settler Colonialism” (CounterPunch, 4 July 2012) 

“Settlers Supporting Settlers: Towards a Contextualization of the U.S.-Israeli Relationship” (Mondoweiss, 12 May 2015) The editors changed the title. By not using ‘contextualization’ it frames the argument in a way that probably overdetermines settler colonialism as foreign policy.

“What Would You Do?” (Mondoweiss, 17 July 2014) 

Review: The Returns of Zionism: Myths, Politics and Scholarship in Israel by Gabriel Piterberg (Against the Current, May-June 2011) 

“Lessons in Desert Blooming” (Mondoweiss, 20 December 2013) 

“The Limits of ‘Anti-Apartheid’” (Mondoweiss, 10 December 2012) 

“While We’re on the Topic…Settler Normativity and American Football” (Picked Last Sports, 27 November 2013) 

“Lessons from the Other Occupiers: A critical engagement of #OWS and #J14” (Mondoweiss, 30 October 2011) 

“Israel and the Rise of Drone Warfare” (Mondoweiss, 27 February 2011) 


“The Client State and the U.S. Arms Industry” (Mondoweiss, 14 February 2015) 

“Cyprus’ own separation barriers keep flotilla boats docked in Greece” (Mondoweiss, 14 July 2011) 

U.S. Imperialism

“The Colonial Frontier At Home: Extrajudicial executions, surveillance drones and indefinite military detention” (Mondoweiss, 20 December 2011) 

“The Boomerang Comes Home: Obama’s ‘death panel’ and the war on terror” (Mondoweiss, 7 October 2011) 

“The Boomerang is Almost Home” (Against the Current, November/December 2011) 

Other Shit

“The Secret Secret: Of Wikileaks and Literacy” (CounterPunch, 9 December 2010) Wrote this before I learned that Assange was a rapist and before Chelsea Manning discussed her gender publicly (thus the article misgenders her and uses her dead name). The general idea though remains valid.